International Students Participated in the 8th International Cultural Festival

With the topic of All People belong to one family, we have fun together, the 8th International Cultural Festival was successfully held in the Youth Square of CUMT on Nov.14.

In the site of the festival , the Comoro international student Xue Jiaqi sung a song, which aroused many audiences attention and cheers. Our Cambodian international students set up the cultural stand , and showed their characteristic culture and local delicious food, which attracted many students to wait in line, they enjoyed the Cambodian special costumes and listened to stories about the local culture, then tasted all kinds of delicious food.

It was reported that the International Cultural Festival was sponsored by CUMT, and other universities also made well preparation for the cultural experience, with the guidance of counselors, all international students took an active part in the activities, and made concerted effort to show their charm and elegant demeanour. Meanwhile, the international students could get a better understanding of the characteristics and special charm of different colleges and universities in Xuzhou.

Translated by: Zhang Xiaobai

Source: Li Mengyang

Photographer: Kong Jiwei

Reviewed by: Wang Jing


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